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It gives me great joy to see how people develop and realize their potential. This joy and the meaning that I derive from helping people to create an even better life for themselves is what drives me. I also want to create livable spaces. People spend most of the day indoors and are rarely aware of their impact. I would like to change that so that everyone has a good place for themselves.

My home is such a good place for me, an ideal place to relax, cook, be creative and spend time with friends. When the weather is nice, I still want to go outside. As a Munich child, I like to be in one of Munich's beautiful places, when there's a bit of wind on the nearby lakes or hiking and skiing in the Alps.

Anja Kluge



in-depth knowledge and sensitivity

Ich verbinde Psychologie...

Ich verbinde Psychologie...

I combine psychology...

  • Several years of professional experience as a consultant in the area of organizational development and change management (coaching, team development, cultural development, change support)

  • M.Sc. Psychology (studied at the LMU Munich, at the universities in Bordeaux and Chicago)

  • Psychodynamic team supervision, coaching and organizational consulting (IPOM)

  • Systemic consulting (MISW, DGSF certified)

... and architecture

  • Several years of professional experience as a project manager for change management in the area of workplace consulting/new working in new working environments

  • Studied Neuroscience applied to architectural design, University of Venice

Meine Erfahrung


  • Lecturer at Fresenius University

  • Fellow at The Center of Conscious Design

  • Member of the professional association of German psychologists


It is important to me to combine research and practice


“It's not what you look at that counts. It’s what you see.”

Henry David Thoreau

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